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About Rina

Rina promotes green approach to the Marine industry with a strong commitment to energy saving, emissions reductions and optimization of fuel consumption. It helps support the sustainable growth of Energy operators throughout the world to meet growing market demands in oil and gas, power generation (conventional, renewables and power grids) including environmental protection.

Rina provides dedicated, bespoke services for the Transport & Infrastructure sector, aimed at optimizing the value and potential of assets whilst complying with standards, controlling costs, checking quality and safety and respecting project timescales. Rina’s industry team has the unique capability to support clients in boosting their competitiveness where materials, technologies and innovation play a critical role, with a special focus on manufacturing, steel and special alloys, aerospace and defense.

In relation to Inspection & Field, we support the management of clients’ assets or projects to achieve performance targets, meeting QHSE standards and respecting deadlines and all the regulatory requirements across a range of market segments.

Panel Contains
Searching, Filtering& Reporting

TFS comments (filters and generate report)

Apply filters dependently and independently so you can reach the information you need by complex platform deck system subsistent status and inspection date. According to the filters that you applied you can click on report to make our program generates a PDF report that collect all the information about the filtered data

Equipment History (filters and summary)

Apply filters dependently and independently so we can reach in information you need by (complex, platform, deck system and subsystem).

History is responsible for giving you a brief and a past reference for all the fixes and the issues in a selected equipment or structure

General comments (filters and generate report and remarks)

Apply filters dependently and independently so you can reach thing information you status and inspection date.

Remarks is a chat room over a selected comments were both of you can talk and discuss the comment regarding an equipment or structure.

Certificate ( Filter and View)

Filtered by inspection date.

Show all the given certificate by the inspection company each one holds its information issuing date expiration date and type.

In the last column you can find two identifiers the first is this certificate is given over a complex or a platform and the second is highlighter that not advise you through colouring and numbers that remaining once to validity expiry and tolerance period.

Reports (filter and report)

Apply filters dependently and independently so you can reach the information you need by (complex, platform, discipline and inspection date).

Holds scanned reports.

You can select and view them easily also they can be saved and printed

Drawing (Search and View)

Here you can find all the drawings for all the systems and subsystems for each platform and you can search through it by contain search.

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