Sales Management

Bishop ERP Sales Management module in ERP helps to achieve operations and document-based recording of entire sales transactions. ERP Sales management software provides you the power to update total sales and distribution functions as well as handles global business smoothly.

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Most frequently asked questions about Sales Management

Sales section contains (customers – price offers – sale orders – products – price lists) As a basic content it can have customer management service parts and on knowledge, opportunities, calls and meetings.

-Quotations have no impact on the system in terms of invoices, accounts or stores

-Sales orders affect accounts and stores by issuing invoices, Through them and issuing delivery orders in warehouses.

The system allows to enter all customer details while identifying customers as companies or people, add data to people under companies with the possibility of adding a photo or logo of the company, and all basic and sub-data with basic customer statistics; Such as number of invoices – sale orders – etc.

There is a complete sales reports section from which all required reports can be extracted, Such as total sales volume in the length of sales volume for a particular customer – – Sales volume for a sales officer with the possibility of extracting reports and saving it using the report generator feature.

-The system has great power in search engines where any customer data element can be searched (Name – Email – Phone – Sales Officer) or any item or box in the customer’s data.

-Usability of cluster assembly system depending on, for example, common features or in terms of type, free customer or assembly company by location and so on.

-There is an operating itinerary that can be divided according to users’ powers.

-Taking advantage of each stage creates another stage, like taking advantage of the quote and turning it into a sale order with the click of a button.

Sections in this system as a whole are tightly connected, Sales section affects accounts section by invoicing sales orders, It affects the warehouse section by issuing delivery orders and also affects the projects and manufacturing department.

Price offers can be sent to customers directly as long as the customer’s email is added in the customer’s data.


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